RV Wi-Fi Extender: Be Connected While on the Road

Having the best RV Wi-Fi extender will help you stay connected with your loved ones, and it will keep you entertained during your life on the road. To do this, you would need the best signal possible for your rig. Purchasing WiFi extenders will help you get the signal that you need in order to stay connected online. There are different factors in choosing the best WiFi extender for your RV or van, and knowing these factors will make sure that you have the best connection possible on the road.

Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200Dual-band Booster
Two Ethernet Ports
Network Assist Technology
A bit of an overkill for RVs
Limited device compatibility
King KF1000 FalconLong-range Signal Acquisition
King App for Configuration
Directional Capability
More Installation Time
Glam Hobby OURLINKTiny
Dual-band Support
Doesn’t Have the Range of Larger Extenders
Alfa WiFi Camp 2 WiFi Repeater KitScrew-on Antenna
Ample Power
Multiple Antennas
More Extensive Configuration
Lacks Added Weatherproofing
WinegardSleek Outdoor and Indoor Components
Multiple Security Options
Nationwide Coverage
4G LTE Plan – Additional Cost

Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200: Best Overall Wi-Fi Extender

When you are looking for a quality Wi-Fi signal boost that can replace your existing router or modem, the Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200 is the best choice for you. At this price point, and with the quality of user reviews it had received, it is the best Wi-Fi extender on the market today. It provides reliable coverage even in the largest size of RVs.

You can choose from a one-pack or three-pack variety with this system. The one-pack is great for most RV owners since it is rated for spaces up to 1500 square feet. On the other hand, the three-pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet. Aside from that, each Wi-Fi point in this system has two Gigabit Ethernet ports where you can plug in your external devices for a more reliable connection.

The Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200 is a dual-band that simultaneously amplifies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections. You can configure the booster easily to a different set of network settings. The best thing about this Wi-Fi extender is the ability to replace your existed router and retain compatibility with any large internet providers.

Now, the downside to the Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200 is the coverage may be a bit overkill, even when you have the largest rig. It also only works with Android version 4.0 and above, and IOs version eight and above.

You can purchase the Google Wi-Fi System AC 1200 on Amazon for $79.99 (one-pack) and $189.00 (three-pack).

King KF1000 Falcon Extender: The Runner Up

The King KF1000 Falcon Extender is a directional Wi-Fi attend that will increase the range and performance of your Wi-Fi signal. The extender will scan for any available networks and then automatically position itself toward the intended network signal.

Setting up the King KF1000 Falcon Extender is a piece of cake, especially when you use the King Wi-Fi app on your smart devices. You don’t need to worry about service fees or contracts as well. It also provides fast, reliable, and secure long-range signal acquisition from your Wi-Fi network.

You can effortlessly connect all your mobile devices to the King KF1000 Falcon Extender. The antenna extends to 2.4 GHz for the longest range and 5 GHz when you need faster speeds.

Now, the price point makes this a middle-of-the-road type of item. It lacks some of the features that make more expensive options a bit more appealing. It would be best if this extender has a boosting cellular network signal. You will be disappointed when you are anticipating boosting the signal of a mobile hotspot to cell phone towers.

You can purchase the King KF1000 Falcon Extender on Amazon for $431.91.

When it comes to those who like to travel light, the Glam Hobby OURLINK is the best for you. It is excellent for laptop use and people who are minimalists. It supports 2.4 and 5GHz networks and is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions. It is tiny but can get at least 15 feet of coverage, thanks to its dual-band support.

The Glam Hobby OURLINK can support up to 600mbps and runs three times faster than wireless N adapters. It has a SoftAP Mode to create a WiFi hotspot for mobile devices whenever there’s only a wired internet connection available, which is best if you are hanging out on campgrounds.

When purchasing the item, it comes with an AC600 Network Adapter, a setup CD with a user manual, and a quick install guide. So, if you are planning to use this on your laptop, make sure you have a CD drive. This compact and convenient Glam Hobby OURLINK WiFi extender cost $15.70 and are available on Amazon.

Alfa WiFi Camp 2 WiFi Repeater Kit: Best Long Range Extender

The Alfa WiFi Camp 2 WiFi Repeater Kit comes with almost everything that you need to get connected. You can place the antenna on your van’s roof or attach it to an extension pole to get a better connection. This will make it less likely for other vans or RVs, trees, and buildings to interfere with the wireless signal.

Now, if you don’t want to purchase the kit, you can purchase a stand-alone Alfa WiFi Network adapter instead. The extenders have an excellent long range of WiFi and are powered with a standard 12 volts accessory socket. You can connect it to networks that are more than 400 feet away from your van. It works the same way as other multi-device repeaters.

It will boost the existing signal and rebroadcast it under a different work name and its internal performance upgrades for faster output speed. When purchasing the kit, it comes with an updated R36A that is 3 x 2 x 1 inch. It also comes with an external booster tube (7 x 1.75 inches) and an external booster antenna (18 x 0.75 inches).

The three Alfa parts are designed to pick up weak WiFi signals and repeat them as your private hotspot. When it comes to the installation, it is fast and easy as long as you follow the manual that comes with the kit. The Alfa WiFi Camp 2 Repeater Kit is designed for the outdoors. Now, if you need a mount for the outside of your van, it will be sold separately. The cost of this WiFi extender is $164.99 and is available on Amazon.

Winegard WiFi Extender: When You Need A Mobile Wi-Fi Extender

When you are always on the move and need a consistent internet connection with a 4G coverage, the Winegard Wi-Fi Extender is the best choice for you. It is an excellent mobile Wi-Fi extender that will work even if your rig is in motion. It can get reliable signals using mobile data, which makes it a mobile Wi-Fi Extender.

It is important to note that your ability to obtain an uninterrupted connection with this Wi-Fi extender will need an additional purchase of the Winegard 4G LTE data plan. Make sure that you are careful to consider the added cost of the plan to make sure that the extender and the data plan will fit your designated budget.

The five external antennas that come with the unit will serve as a device to increase the total range and provide faster performance for all users on the network. The antennas should be installed on the roof of your rig while the indoor unit finds a safe, out of the way inside your rig.

It will also allow you to grant users access through WPA or WPA2-PSK password protection or separate guest network access. Aside from that, it has double firewall protection and denial of service attack prevention to provide an additional layer of security.

One of the downsides to the Winegard WiFi Extender is it doesn’t provide nationwide coverage as a stand Wi-Fi solution. Lastly, the price is a bit too high so you can purchase this when you have some money to splurge.

You can purchase the Winegard WiFi Extender on Amazon for $699.99.

What to Consider When Buying WiFi Extenders

Before heading to the store to buy your WiFi extenders, you need to consider a couple of factors. To get the best signal possible for your van, buying WiFi extenders is the best way to get the signal you need for your van life.

Compatibility is the Key

The number one crucial factor that you need to consider and understand when searching for the WiFi extender you will use in your van is compatibility. Make sure to examine the router that you have your eye on first. See if it works with the specific booster that you are planning to buy. 

The good news is, that finding WiFi extenders that are compatible with your phone or operating system is no longer difficult. It is best to check the extender’s speed, and the best range is from 300 to 1,300 Mbps.

The Design and Construction of the Extender

When choosing the WiFi extender that you will use in your van should be available in different designs. Some extenders are made from plastic blocks that require you to plug them into an outlet so that you can use them. Others have features such as LED displays, indicating the strength of the signal.

With all of the options you have in the market, you must assess the particular extender’s overall construction and design before buying it. You must make sure that the overall construction and design are compatible with the specific outlet where you intend to plug it. The extender should not be too large or bulky so that you won’t have a difficult time fitting it in.

Speed is Important

Speed is one of the important things that you should consider. WiFi extenders should have excellent speed. In this case, check the MBPS specification of the extenders that you want to buy. Make sure you purchase one that is compatible with the maximum speed. Your present router should support it.

Make sure to avoid buying one that offers a higher speed than your present setup in your van.

Take Note of the Security and Safety

Check the level of security and safety of the extenders carefully. It would be best if you examined online security and safety when buying the extender that you need. Aside from that, you should ensure that it can rebroadcast signals that are received by your present connection. 

Choose the Best Features

Spend time examining all of the features that an extender has to offer. The best choice is to provide all the features that you need. You need the best value for the amount that you spend on your extenders.

Benefits of WiFi Extenders for Your Van

You can take advantage of different benefits when it comes to adding WiFi extenders to your van. The following will talk about the different benefits that you can get from WiFi extenders in your van.

Great for Locating Directions

While you are on the road, you would need all the directions that you can get. Quick access to the internet is also a big help when you wish to locate a particular location. It will come in handy if you are a person that is new to van life.

Without the proper internet access, you might find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere. When it comes to having WiFi extenders, locating the right location will be much easier. You could get around a specific place without having to guess where to go.

Work Wherever You Are

With the pandemic, a lot of people are now working from home. Having a strong signal will help you work and earn money for your daily needs. You can set up video conference calls with the proper speed, check your email, or have a Zoom meeting session with your boss or your business partner.

Home Away From Home

Since you live far from your loved ones, you need to keep in touch with them from time to time. This is another reason why you should have WiFi extenders in your van because it is easy to stay connected with them. It is a great benefit, especially if you can’t travel with your loved ones and do particular activities with them.

With WiFi extenders, you can connect with them through video calls and messages. It will let you have an excellent connection online, providing you the chance to communicate with important people.

Now, aside from all the benefits that are mentioned above, a good WiFi extender will provide the entertainment that you need. Since you can’t spend as much time as possible outside, you need something that will keep you occupied in your van. You can binge-watch on Netflix, listen to music, browse the web, etc.


With the right WiFi extender in your van, you can get the best signal possible for your work or entertainment purposes. Knowing the right factors and features that you need to look out for is important. You will never regret installing the best WiFi extender in your van that will bring you closer to your loved ones and provide an opportunity to earn the money that you need. Travel with the best internet connection possible with the right WiFi extenders that will meet your needs!

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